Cautions & Announcements

Check here Cautions and Notifications regarding our Products Support.

Notes on Parallel imported goods

Parallel imported goods, As Company's genuine goods, will be covered by the warranty of the Company of Japan. Also, regarding problems related to your purchase, please note beforehand that it won't be supported by the Company. Regarding the overseas specification products, please be advised that it may be outside the scope of repair and other support because of short of parts stock in Japan.

Concerning the support of TASCAM Professional Software and Cakewalk CO, products in Japan

With the "SONAR" new series release, there is a change for the Japan domestic support system on TASCAM Professional Software and Cakewalk's products from April 1, 2015.

Support Eligibility of the above products

  • For those who owns Cakewalk Membership licences issued by Via Domestic regular route
  • For those who made purchase Via Domestic regular route (SONAR X3" series)
  • Ā¶ "SONAR X3" series support acceptance period will be until January 31, 2016. "
In addition, upon confirming user registration information from the inquiry, we will provide our support. To be able to smoothly Confirm User registration information please enter your "user registration mail address" and "product serial number."

In addition, please note in advance that what comes below is out of our support scope.

  • Those who purchased Cakewalk's products by routes other than the domestic official route such as sites of overseas
  • Those who obtained and registered "SONAR" new series before its domestic selling
  • Those who can not be identified
  • Software that comes with the other product (LE version)
  • The case official user registration can not be confirmed
  • Older OS than Windows XP
  • Questions about the basic operation of computers
  • Questions about techniques and know-how about music production
  • Questions about music theory
  • The case our company consider that it exceeded our range of support

For old Cakewalk's products
We finished the support by call and e-mail on April 1, 2015, due to the change of Cakewalk's support system for old Cakewalk's products, please note that we continue showing update and FAQ which has been released before. Click here for Updates an FAQ

Note of the End of the Service for US Line 6 Company's Products

We decided to finish the service for US Line 6 company's products that we had been conducting import and sale, on October 31, 2014.

Please note that Yamaha Music Japan., Ltd. had become our official agency since November 1, 2014, so please inquire them about Line 6 products.

Also, we will finish our support on October 10, 2014, for transferring support service.

For inquiries and more information after November 1 2014, please refer to the following.

Inquiries for Products that Finished Production

We are afraid that we may not be able to answer the inquiries about products that have finished its production and that have past holding period of the parts or can not be tested by actual machines since we would not have detailed data.