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Dante-compatible ML-32D contributes to the construction of a new compact office studio

Humax Cinema Co., Ltd. HAC Studio
Post production studio“MA-4”


hac studio

Humax Cinema Co., Ltd. HAC Studio is a long-established post-production company founded in 1995. With its state-of-the-art equipment and professional personnel, it has been involved in the editing of a wide range of projects such as music videos, live concert footage, TV commercials, movies, drama series, and projects extended to the production and delivery of web and promotional movies as well.


The MA-4 Studio was established in 2019 and the following points were achieved:

  • Efficient time-saving: the time used to deliver video data (QT) between studios for editing was shortened.
  • A well-maintained infrastructure that provides both engineers and clients a comfortable listening/production experience.
hac studio


Although MA-4 Studio is located far away in a building across an intersection from the main studio’s building, mutually connecting both studio’s servers with dark fiber made a great improvement in reducing the time of copying/transferring data between studios, which at some point took several hours depending on the content. Moreover, well-spaced and neat infrastructure makes it possible for MA-4 Studio to offer plenty of room for creativeness with their “1 floor per client” concept.


hac studio
hac studio


The MA-4 Studio also has a narration booth where recordings of up to 4 people is possible; talk-back and monitoring operations are done with the TASCAM ML-32D, which converts analog signals into Dante. Together with AVID’s MTRX, DAW I/O routing and management of each post-production process is built flexibly and smarter.

hac studio


hac studioAnalog/Dante Converter ML-32D


Furthermore, there were many concerns related to load capacity and ceiling height as the MA-4 Studio itself is located on the 3rd floor of an office building. By taking advantage of Dante and combining multiple channels into one LAN cable, there was no need to route large numbers of analog cables so physical and weight issues didn’t exist.
This has become a valuable case study for TASCAM since the Dante-compatible ML-32D contributed as part of the system that eliminated the challenges of establishing a new compact and efficient studio.


hac studioNetwork overview diagram


TASCAM Products other than ML-32D are also being used:

hac studioDA-3000
(Master recorder/ADDA converter)
(Professional hi-res DAT)
hac studioDV-RA1000
(Audio master recorder)


hac studioAV-P250
(Power distributor/conditioner)


Humax Cinema Co., Ltd. opened a new post-production studio, “HAC SHIBUYA” in June 2021.
Same as the MA-4 Studio, multiple ML-32D and other TASCAM products were introduced.

hac studio