Information about macOS High Sierra


TASCAM Engineering is already hard at work on new macOS High Sierra for our products.
We are planning to announce the results of verification as soon as possible in this page.
Many thanks to our loyal users for your patience and understanding through this process.

Last update:September 22, 2017

USB Audio Interface
Result Product Firmware Driver Settings Panel
Validating MiNiSTUDIO CREATOR      
Validating MiNiSTUDIO PERSONAL      
Validating iXR      
Validating US-1x2      
Validating US-2x2      
Validating US-4x4      
Validating US-16x08      
Validating US-20x20      
Validating TASCAM TRACKPACK iXR      
Validating TASCAM TRACKPACK 2x2      
Validating TASCAM TRACKPACK 4x4      
Validating UH-7000     -
Validating US-322     -
Validating US-366     -
Validating US-122MKII     -
Validating US-144MKII     -
Validating US-1200     -
Validating US-1800     -
Validating US-100     -
Validating US-125M     -
Result Product Version
Validating TASCAM SS250 CONTROL  
Validating TASCAM Hi-Res Editor  
Validating TASCAM HS Editor