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Announcement Regarding V1.5.3 Firmware for TASCAM Sonicview Series and V1.12 Firmware for IF-MTR32

The TASCAM Sonicview series has an updated released firmware, version 1.5.3.

To acquire the V1.5.3 firmware update for the TASCAM Sonicview 16/24 Digital Mixing Consoles, and V1.12 firmware update for the IF-MTR32, visit the following URL:

TASCAM Sonicview 16 https://tascam.jp/int/product/sonicview_16/support
TASCAM Sonicview 24 https://tascam.jp/int/product/sonicview_24/support
IF-MTR32 https://tascam.jp/int/product/if-mtr32/support