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Two- and Four-track Timecode Recorders Use Solid-State Media

San Francisco, CA – AES Booth #909 (November 5, 2010): TASCAM is launching the HS-2000 two-track and HS-4000 4-track recorders for broadcast. The recorders use dual Compact Flash media for recording, which unlike tape is immune to vibration, wear and weather damage. Confidence recording mode is available to monitor the audio off the card during recording. A touch screen interface drives the recorder, and a simple UI makes menus easy to navigate. The HS-4000 can operate in dual-deck mode, allowing it to function as two separate recorders. Other broadcast features include On-air playback mode and adding tracks to a playlist during playback.

Interface options for the HS-2000 and HS-4000 include synchronization chase through RS-422, SMPTE timecode and parallel control. Pull-up and pull-down modes are available for post production workflows, as well as video sync to HD Tri-Level. Files are recorded as BWAV format, and AES31 import/export is also available.

Also being announced is the RC-HS32PD Remote Control Unit for the two recorders. This controller provides 32 keys for hot start with 64x32 dot matrix color LCDs for name display. It features a color TFT touch screen that mirrors the two recorders. Two 100mm faders include fader start by microswitch, 0dB level lock and on-air signal indication. A speaker and headphone output are provided on the RC-HS32PD for monitoring.

The HS-2000 and HS-4000 are a unique solid-state solution for broadcast logging, post product and telecine. Also available from TASCAM are the HS-8 8-track recorder with timecode and HS-2 stereo recorder with optional timecode expansion.


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