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TASCAM Announces Special Mixcast 4 Podcast Station Bundles


Three available systems ideally suited for podcast audio creation

Santa Fe Springs, CA – February 2022... TASCAM is pleased to announce the availability of three podcast system bundles centered around the company’s Mixcast 4 Podcast Station with built-in Recorder and USB Audio Interface. As the ideal tool for podcast creation, live streaming, event production, or voiceover work, the Mixcast 4 offers a wealth of functionality for streamlined content creation. The three new Mixcast 4 bundles offer comprehensive system packages tailored to accommodate up to four people with four microphones and four headsets?enabling engineers and artists to specifically tailor their setups to easily accommodate both show personnel and guests.

Key to each bundle is the Mixcast 4 Podcast Station, the TM-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone, and the TH-02 Studio Headphones. The Mixcast 4 can mix and record mic inputs, internal sounds, and music via the trigger pads, and external audio input from USB, one’s phone or PC. Together with the TASCAM Podcast Editor software, a complete solution - including both waveform editing and sound pad control ? is provided from pre-production to completion. The TM-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone is an end-address dynamic microphone specifically engineered for broadcasting, podcasting, and audio streaming that is ideally voiced to handle the nuances of the human voice. The TH-02 headphones feature a closed-back design, and they deliver sound quality one must hear to appreciate.

The key difference between each of the three Mixcast 4 bundles is the number of TM-70 microphones and TH-02 headphones that are included. Bundle #1 includes the Mixcast 4, one TM-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone (with table stand, mic cable, and shockmount), plus one set of TH-02 Studio Headphones. Bundle #2 includes the Mixcast 4, two TM-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphones (with table stands, mic cables, and shockmounts), along with two TH-02 Studio Headphones. Bundle #3 includes the Mixcast 4, four TM-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphones (with table stands, mic cables, and shockmounts), along with four TH-02 Studio Headphones.

While the Mixcast 4 Podcast Station is available as a single entity for those already in possession of microphones and headphones, the three available bundles create system packages that represent a cost-effective solution compared to the expense of acquiring the individual components necessary to form a complete system.

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