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We understand that there are customers that may need to have their TASCAM unit repaired. We also understand that this may be a difficult undertaking given the current restrictions on "non-essential" businesses due to efforts to stop the spread of the current coronavirus (COVID-19). These mandates will have different names (Stay at Home/Safer At Home/Stay Safe. Stay Home/Shelter In Place/etc.) depending on which state you reside in.
As an example, our factory service facility here in the Los Angeles area, TAP Electronics, is continuing to function but has a limited number of technicians working remotely. Although their objective is to continue to provide their high level of service, the logistics of this arrangement has unfortunately resulted in longer turnaround times.
If it has been determined that your unit definitively needs service, we will attempt to find out if there is a facility in our network that is actually open and functioning near you. In order to accomplish this we will need you to use the support form below and in the "Inquiry" field type NEED SERVICE and then describe the unit's problem. Please be sure to accurately fill in all fields especially Postal Code, State and City.

If it turns out that there are no available service centers in your vicinity, you will have to consider sending your unit to TAP Electronics by following their specific instructions indicated here: http://www.tapelectronics.com/
Stay safe and thank you for your interest in TASCAM products.