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TASCAM Announces RC-W100-R120 / RC-W100-R86 Wall Mount Controllers for the MX-8A Matrix Mixer



Rich feature set with dual switching modes ensures easy, trouble-free operation





Santa Fe Springs, CA—September 2019... TASCAM, a world leading provider of audio solutions for musicians, engineers, broadcast professionals, and AV system integrators, announces the RC-W100-R120 / RC-W100-R86 Wall Mount Controllers for the MX-8A 8 Input /8 Output Matrix Mixer with DSP. Designed for quick and easy operation in meeting rooms, lecture halls, stores, restaurants, and multipurpose spaces, the new RC-W100-R120 / RC-W100-R86 Wall Mount Controllers incorporate an easy-to-read LCD display, one rotary encoder with a push switch, and four push button switches. The two models address a variety of world markets, with the RC-W100-R120 designed for the U.S. and Japan, while the RC-W100-R86 is compatible with switch boxes in Europe.

Setup and configuration of the various switches on the RC-W100-R120 / RC-W100-R86 Wall Mount Controllers is accomplished using TASCAM MX CONNECT Control Software for System Integrators/Managers. Compatible with Windows, mac OS, Android, and iOS systems, the software facilitates the MX-8A’s routing and level management—including audio ducking and ambient noise compensation—mix control, DSP and more. This intuitive programming solution enables system integrators to define the more challenging aspects of a room’s audio setup while preventing end users from making unwanted changes to the system by assigning end user specific functions to the wall controller.

The new RC-W100-R120 and RC-W100-R86 wall mount controllers offer two source switching modes. Mode 1 is for selecting sources directly by pushing the switches on the faceplate (up to 4 sources can be assigned). Mode 2 is the custom source mode for selecting sources from the LCD, where as many as 8 sources can be assigned. With the wall mount controller’s easy-to-read LCD display, the name of the selected source and its current volume level can be checked. Equally important, the RC-W100-R120 and RC-W100-R86 offer an automatic backlight OFF function, which eliminates any possible distractions during presentations, films, etc. when the room’s lights are dimmed.

Recognizing that many AV environments may require multiple controllers to easily access the system from various locations, the TASCAM RC-W100-R120 and RC-W100-R86 wall mount controllers may be Daisy chained up to 8 units using CAT 5e or higher cable with a maximum length limited to 200 m (656 feet). Equally notable, power to the RC-W100-R120 and RC-W100-R86 wall mount controllers can be provided via the MX-8A, reducing both construction and installation costs in the process.

About the TASCAM MX-8A

The TASCAM MX-8A is a matrix mixer equipped with 8 mic / line inputs and 8 line outputs as well as integrated DSP for audio optimization in a variety of environments and configurations. Custom control apps for Windows, mac OS, Android, and iOS are available to facilitate easy setup and adjustment by both system integrators and end users.