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TASCAM Announces New Brand Guideline Releasing A New Catchphrase And Brand Statement Video


2018 August 21st

TEAC Corporation (Tama, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yuji Hanabusa) will release a new catchphrase and brand statement video for TASCAM, which represents TEAC's professional audio equipment brand. In accordance with the events, TEAC Corporation is also announcing the renewal of TASCAM's official website.

TASCAM started as TEAC Corporation's professional audio equipment sales company in 1971, with its name standing for TEAC AUDIO SYSTEM COMPANY OF AMERICA. TASCAM has been bringing innovation to the world with leading technology of the time such as reel to reel MTRs, cassette tape MTRs, DTRS, digital mixers, etc. Nowadays, TASCAM supports the sound related industry; from TV/Radio broadcasting systems to recording studios, concert halls, conference rooms, academic facilities, commercial facilities, theaters, internet broadcasting systems, and music productions.

While the world has seen remarkable changes happening in the video entertainment industry, such as 4K, 8K, VR, and AR, people's perspectives towards music making and appreciation have also changed in the recent years. Thus, the value demanded for "sound(s)" is highly increasing. Being professionals in the sound industry, TASCAM aims and values have been reviewed, developing a new brand guideline so that to satisfy and to provide better solutions to loyal fans and customers. Embodying this vision and value, a new catchphrase and a brand statement video will be released to portray and symbolize the future TASCAM.


New catchphrase


TASCAM's catchphrase "Sound. Thinking." implies a brand that seriously faces, prefers, and thinks about every "sound" of society such as recording/playback, voice, music, etc.

*"Sound" has the meaning "firm and solid". It implies the effort and thinking "steadily" "with the feet on the ground".


The Vision of TASCAM

"TASCAM nestles each individual, pursues the best for users all over the world, and is responsible for the "sound"ofsociety."

TASCAM always relates to "sound". From the unique sounds that creators and engineers earnestly confront, to the sounds that casually enter into your ears in daily life, there are a variety of scenes. On the other hand, a clear role is sought from the "sound" borne by TASCAM each time. Some of them are so special that there are no replacement and hence only TASCAM can bear them. Regardless of the role, respond firmly with "sound". That is the "value" offered by TASCAM.
With the empathy and trust of the customers acquired through products and services as the cornerstone always, TASCAM as a brand promises to continue to respond truly to each customer's preferences in the areas centered on "sound" and this is its responsibility to society.


Comments from Mr. Yuji Hanabusa, TEAC CORPORATION President & CEO

"Since its birth in 1971, TASCAM has supported the people involved in the recording and playback industry around the world, and has contributed greatly to the culture related to sound. I believe the pride of being professionals in recording and playback is TASCAM's main resource of growth, and also a great responsibility to maintain.

In this time, while developing the new catchphrase "Sound. Thinking.", we reviewed TASCAM's core value as a brand. TASCAM will continue working on its finest quality and durability to fulfill the needs and maximize the performance of people dealing with recording and playback scenes all over the world. In addition, we will provide total solutions related to sound, which only TASCAM can deliver. So please keep looking forward to the future of TASCAM."


TASCAM Brand Video