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TASCAM Partners with The Giving Groove, Dead Milkmen for Remix Contest. Prizes Include Track Factory




Montebello, CA - October 17, 2017... 

 TASCAM is pleased to partner with Philly punk icons the Dead Milkmen and philanthropic record label The Giving Groove to sponsor a remix contest to commemorate today'srbelease of the band's new EP, Welcome to the End of the World. For nearly 35 years, the Milkmen have been happily skewering pop culture and confounding critics with their smart, satirical brand of punk, amassing a huge cult following with the hit singles "Bitchin' Camaro" and "Punk Rock Girl."

Welcome to the End of the World delivers the Dead Milkmen's trademark twisted humor, along with some dark underlying elements that will creep in to your consciousness if you pay close enough attention. "You're either going to buy it or not," warns frontman Rodney Anonymous. "If you don't buy it, don't blame us when you get eaten by wolves, because this EP will be the only thing standing between you and the wolves."


To celebrate the release, the Milkmen are holding a remix contest in partnership with The Giving Groove and TASCAM: Contestants can submit their best remixes of the band's new single "Brutalist Beat" for a chance to win prizes including a TASCAM Track Factory recording system, DP-006 digital recorder, TH-MX2 studio headphones, custom FM synth patches created by Rodney Anonymous, signed test pressings, t-shirts, and more. Complete contest details are available at thegivinggroove.com.

"The Dead Milkmen have a long history of challenging their listeners to rethink their definition of rock music and we're thrilled to see the fans get the chance to turn the tables," said Eric Larsen, Director of Marketing for TASCAM. "Encouraging the audience to re-imagine 'Brutalist Beat' not only merges the band and the fans creatively, but it also gives the Dead Milkmen the opportunity to see their artistic vision reflected back in an affectionate fun-house mirror. This type of musical communication is key to the TASCAM brand, and we are proud to a be part of this project." 

"We are very excited to announce the remix competition and put these stems out into the world," adds Giving Groove co-founder Matt Teacher. "We can't wait to see what the Milkmen fans will be inspired to create."Following The Giving Groove's "artist-friendly, socially conscious" model of donating one half of all profits to music charities, the Dead Milkmen will donate 50 percent of album proceeds to Girls Rock Philly, an organization dedicated to empowering girls and women from the greater Philadelphia region through music education and activities that foster self-respect, leadership skills, creativity, self-expression, critical thinking, and collaboration.


ABOUT THE GIVING GROOVE The Giving Groove is a full-service independent record label based in Philadelphia. Operating under the motto "artist-friendly, socially conscious," The Giving Groove was founded in 2015 by musicians and studio owners, with the mission to help artists realize their musical vision while giving back to the community. Under the Giving Groove model, half of all album proceeds after taxes go to the artist, and half are donated to a music-related 501(C)3 nonprofit of the artist's choice. For more information, visit http://thegivinggroove.limitedrun.com.


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