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TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO Receives Major Podcaster Update


Montebello, CA-October 2017... TASCAM, a division of TEAC of America, has announced a software and firmware update for their popular MiNiSTUDIO line of personal broadcasting interfaces.

The Version 2.3 update offers a host of new features, including the addition of an expanded set of ASIO drivers. With the new architecture, Podcasters can now easily record their shows, including interviews with guests and sound effects, and have each element recorded on unique tracks within their Windows-based Digital Audio Workstation, giving them complete editing access. This level of control during post-production addresses a long standing need of podcasters the world over.

"TASCAM has engaged with the podcasting community like no other manufacturer," remarked Steve Cherubino, podcasting personality, instructor, and director of podfather.net"Their commitment to understanding our workflow and delivering customized tools has been inspiring. Podcasters have struggled for years with recording and editing interviews on Skype, and now the MiNiSTUDIO makes it fast and easy. It's become my top recommended interface for podcasting."

Other features in this update include the addition of SceneMemory, as well as selectable reverb send on the individual inputs of the MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42. SceneMemory enables users to save snapshots of their MiNiSTUDIO configurations for instant access between - or during - broadcasts. These snapshots include memory of all settings, including PON assignments, Vocal Effect selections, Compressor and EQ settings and more. 

For US-42 users, the Expert panel now allows users to select whether each input is routed to the reverb engine or not. This feature delivers deeper creative control for musicians who enjoy live streaming, enabling them to selectively add reverb to their vocal microphone while not adding reverb to their guitar sound.

 MiNiSTUDIO software and firmware version 2.3 for both TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO Personal US-32 and MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42 are available now as a free download at TASCAM.com.




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TASCAM is the professional audio division of TEAC Corporation and produces the most comprehensive line of audio recorders, mixers and related equipment in the professional audio industry. TASCAM has offices in the U.S., Germany, Japan, Mexico and Latin America. 




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