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TASCAM Updates Popular US-Series Interfaces


TASCAM has announced several important updates to their highly acclaimed US-Series of USB multichannel interfaces, including the compact US-2x2 and US-4x4, the versatile US-16x08, and the flagship US-20x20.

The TASCAM Control Panel now does a version check on startup, alerting users if a newer software or firmware update is available. Drivers can be updated at the press of a button to make sure everything is up-to-date. System alerts are also available from the control panel, including helpful tips and status messages. 

Thanks to the Version 2.1 update the US-20x20 now offers some significant enhancements to its internal mic pre/mixer.  In Mic Pre mode, the US_20x20 now doubles as a flexible, multichannel D/A converter. IN addition, users are now able to change clock and sample rate settings from the front panel, ideal for stand-alone operation. 

Both the US-16x08 and US-20x20 have also been updated with enhanced routing options and a Mixer True Bypass mode, with precise input and output matching when bypassing the Mixer signal. 

The US-2x2 and US-4x4 have also seen some major changes, starting with an updated user interface panel for easier control. Settings are a click away, and custom settings can be saved for future use. A single checkbox enables you to mix the signal from Mic inputs 1 and 2 with your computer’s audio output and send the mix back to your DAW — a perfect scenario for easy overdubbing. Presets are now available to optimize routing for use with a DAW, internet broadcasting, audio/video calls, or customized routing. 

The US-2x2 and US-4x4 update includes automatic sample rate functionality to avoid unintended clocking errors. On Windows, the units can be switched to ASIO even when in DAW mode, making it easy to use with Skype and other online communications. Selectable Mono or Stereo output makes the US-Series a great fit for any DAW or audio application. 


Celesonic US-20x20
US-20x20 Celesonic