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Tascam Updates Popular US Series of USB Audio Interfaces


TASCAM has announced several important updates to their highly acclaimed US-Series of USB multichannel interfaces, including the compact US2x2 and US4x4, the versatile US16x8, and the flagship US20x20.

By updating to Version 2.00 Firmware and Software, the control panels for the full line of TASCAM's US-Series interfaces will include an online link to the TASCAM website’s Help page, as well as a new software/firmware update notification which makes it easier than ever to stay on top of future updates. 

The US-2x2 and US-4x4 serttings panels have also been redeisgned for easier control including the ability to save custom settings for future use. 

Updates to the US-16x8 and US-20x20 also include the addition of a Mixing Driver which supports simultaneous playback of ASIO and WDM sources.

Updates to TASCAM US-2x2 are Available Here: 

Updates to TASCAM US-4x4 are Available Here:

Updates to TASCAM US-16x08 are Available Here: 

Updates to TASCAM US-20x20 are Available Here: