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TASCAM Unleashes Wi-Fi Control for Wireless Recorders


TASCAM has introduced a firmware update for their DR-44WL and DR-22WL Digital Handheld Recorders as well as a new version of their powerful DR CONTROL mobile app, providing expanded Wi-Fi remote control and file transfer capabilities. 

With this update, users may choose from two modes of wireless connection: “via Router” mode, allowing wireless control by connecting to an existing home or public wireless network, and “to Device” mode, which enables direct one-to-one connection between your device and the DR-44WL or DR-22WL — no network needed. 

In addition to remote control over recording levels, filter settings, and transport control, version 2.0 of DR CONTROL app now enables users to transfer files to destinations such as Dropbox, OneDrive, email, Facebook and more – directly from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Lastly, with a nod to ongoing development, these updates will enable future firmware updates to be initiated from the directly from the DR CONTROL app. 

You can download the firmware update for free on the TASCAM website and the DR CONTROL app is also available free of charge on both the iTunes and Google Play app stores. 
For more details, go to http://tascam.com/product/dr_control