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TASCAM Announces Major Updates for HS-P82 Recorder


TASCAM announces a major update to their popular HS-P82 8-Track Professional Field Recorder. The version 2.00 update incorporates a number of major features requested by professional dialog editors and sound designers. 

Version 2.00 now supports Card Mirroring, recording identical files to both Compact Flash cards. More than just redundancy in the unlikely case of media failure, this enables dailies to be given to two different teams at the end of each day. Take names, deletion changes, and all Metadata updates are synced on both cards.

Other Version 2.00 features include a timecode generator display option, Take Rename shortcut for quick labeling on-set, enhanced Metadata compatibility for Avid users, and a number of additional keyboard shortcuts for faster operation.

Sound designer Rick Allen remarked, “Believe me, the latest upgrade to the HS-P82 might just save your ‘asset.’ If you've ever had a data card fail during critical recording sessions in the field you now have one less thing to worry about. When I'm blowing up a car in the desert or recording the demolition of an abandoned building in the city, I only get one chance to capture the audio. ‘Oops, can we do that again?’ is not an option. Media failure is an unfortunate reality that until now was out of our control. TASCAM paid attention. With this upgrade, not only is all recording mirrored on Compact Flash Cards, but now all subsequent metadata edits are duplicated as well. This total redundancy is yet another reason to think of the HS-P82 when failure is not an option."

Updated Firmware and Manual Addendums for the TASCAM HS-P82 are available here: http://tascam.com/product/hs-p82/downloads/