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From Jazz To Rock with the DV-RA1000HD


By Jeff Laity

David Issac mixing SMV with the DV-RA1000HD

TASCAM's DV-RA1000HD has become known as the ultimate stereo recorder, with high-end specs that allow it to record 192k or Direct Stream Digital audio. In the past year it has won press acclaim from Stereophile Magazine's "Class A Recommended Component," Pro Audio Review's "Reviewers Pick" and the 2007 TEC award for Most Innovative Recording Device. Top mix engineers are beginning to take notice, and top acts from jazz to rock and metal are now being mixed to the recorder.

Known for his work with Godsmack, Andrew "Mudrock" Murdock actually works with an eclectic mix of artists, from the heavy rock of Revolution Mother, Throwdown or Anew Revolution to the complex jazz of Django Bates. Mudrock told us, "In the years I have used the DV-RA1000, I have come to rely on its dependability and audio quality. Finally there is a digital answer to analog half inch. The converters sound amazing and the functions are clear and well thought out."

  Andrew "Mudrock" Murdock at work

"I have mixed every project I have produced since 2006 to this machine, encompassing many styles of music." Mudrock recently upgraded his system to a DV-RA1000HD, noting, "At this point I can't live without it!"

John "J.R." Robins with his DV-RA1000

Steely Dan could be the most challenging band to work with live: not only are they spoiled by the best musicians and engineers in rock history, but they've come to prefer studio recording to touring. John "J.R." Robins has had the pleasure of working with Steely Dan, and he's been recording every show to DV-RA1000. "When I got the Front of House job with Steely Dan, they told me that they would like recordings of every sound check and show. I knew I wanted to use these great sounding DV-RA1000s. I have used them for the last three years of world touring with Steely Dan. They have taken some very rough rides around the world and performed flawlessly."

Though he's known for his live work with Steely Dan, Prince, John Mellencamp and others, J.R. is using the DV-RA1000 on his own projects as well. "I've purchased (no freebies!) around a dozen pieces of TASCAM gear for my home studio. I use the DV-RA1000 to archive my personal collection in DSD and also to master projects."

Three-time Grammy award-winning Producer and Mix Engineer David Issac has worked with artists as varied as Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Marcus Miller and Luther Vandross. Issac recently tested the low-end response of the DV-RA1000HD while mixing SMV's Thunder in DSD - a project featuring bassists Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten. "What I love about the DV-RA1000HD is how it pulls me into listening to more music when I turn it on! I find myself listening to entire CDs to see what new things I may hear, things I missed with other players or from vinyl."

As well as being a producer, mix engineer and artist, David Issac is rediscovering his love for listening to music with the DV-RA1000HD. "Sometimes it sounds like I can reach out and touch a musician or vocalist - which really makes the DV-RA an audiophile piece of gear!"

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