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Update to Combination CD/Cassette Recorder adds CD Pitch Control

Montebello, CA (September 2, 2008): TASCAM announces an update to its best-selling combination CD & Cassette recorder, the CC-222SLmkII. The new model includes a pitch control for the CD as well as the one for the cassette, making it more useful in a wide range of installations.

"TASCAM continues to offer the widest choice of recorders for the installation market," notes Frank Frombach, National Contractor/Consultant Liason for TASCAM. "The CC-222SL has long been a staple for live and house of worship installations. The new CC-222SLmkII adds even more to this reliable recorder, now in its fifth generation. No one has a wider selection of combination cassette/CD components than TASCAM."

The CC-222mkII features a cassette recorder and a slot-loading CD recorder transport. It offers MP3 CD playback, pitch and key control and a sample rate converter for 48k input. Two sets of unbalanced RCA outputs can be configured for independent operation or both transports can play through the same set of outputs.