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Software Update adds Recording and Monitoring Features

Montebello, CA (March 31, 2008): TASCAM's hot new portable recorder, the DR-1 has been updated to version 1.10. The update adds recording and monitoring features to the already feature-packed recorder. The input section now has an additional Gain setting for loud sources, and the left and right channels can be reversed during recording. When working with the built-in effects processor, these effects can now be assigned to the input or playback signal. Finally, when enabling the built-in tuner the output monitoring now has added flexibility.

TASCAM's DR-1 is the first portable recorder in its price class to provide 1GB of included recording memory. It has a pair of high-quality condenser microphones with a unique pivot mechanism that allows recording at any angle. Recording is available as 16-bit or 24-bit WAV files, or in MP3 format for hours of recording time. The DR-1 includes a rechargable battery, built-in effects, instrument trainer features and a unique overdub feature so you can record over the playback material. With a street price of only $299, it's the perfect recorder for bands, songwriters and anyone else who wants to record anywhere they go.