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Innovative Headsets Target Live Sound and Assistive Listening Applications

Montebello, CA (June 18, 2008): New headsets from TASCAM provide cutting edge performance for in-ear monitoring and assisted listening applications. The InCore ZE-1000 is a new in-ear monitor with a patented 5-layer silicon seal for -30dB of sound isolation. Two sets of Balanced Armature drivers ensure wide-range frequency response for rich, detailed playback. The kevlar-reinforced cable terminates to a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini plug, ideal for stage monitoring or listening in other loud environments.

FillTune bone-conduction headsets are designed for the needs of the assisted listening market. The headset vibrates bones in the inner ear for wide-bandwidth playback for those with outer-ear damage. An external microphone can be connected or a source such as an iPod, A/V device or wireless transmitter. FillTune headsets can also be used in environments where someone needs to listen to a source while still paying attention to the sound around them, such as operating a vehicle or monitoring elderly patients.

Each headset uses innovative technology to provide full-bandwidth audio in challenging audio environments. InCore and FillTune are available now from TASCAM retailers.