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1x1 and 1x4 Duplicators Offer High-Speed, Reliability

Montebello, CA (June 18, 2008): TASCAM has announced the DV-W11R and DV-W14R DVD duplicators designed to fit in standard 19" equipment racks. The DV-W11R is a 1x1 DVD duplicator housed in a 2u rackmountable case. The DV-W14R provides 1x4 DVD duplication in a 4u case, and an internal hard drive is installed for higher-speed duplication. When the hard drive is used as a source, all five DVD drives can be used for burning DVDs for faster job completion. Both duplicators are built with the same high-quality TEAC optical drives used in other TASCAM duplicators, offering 16x DVD duplication and 48x CD duplication.

"TASCAM has responded to requests to bring our high-quality duplicators to a 19" rackmount format," says Frank Frombach, National Contractor-Consultant Liason for TASCAM. "With 11 duplicator products, TASCAM has a system to fit any installation need."

Both the DV-W11R and DV-W14R will ship in September, 2008. The DV-W11R has an MSRP or $549 while the DV-W14R has an MSRP of $1,399.