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Montebello, CA (October 5, 2007): The recording format of choice for the new Record Plant Remote is four TASCAM X-48 multitrack audio workstations. The four 48-track hard disk recorders were chosen for their reliability, value and simple import into Pro Tools, all in a size that makes it a perfect fit on always-cramped remote trucks. The all new Record Plant Remote truck will be displayed at the AES convention with their four X-48s.

"I originally bought two X-48s as a backup for RADARs, but the price, the size and the dependability were all factors that made me think I should have all X-48s," says Kooster McAllister, Owner and Chief Engineer of Record Plant Remote. "I just finished recording James Blunt and did a 96-track recording of Barry Manilow with a huge orchestra. I used two X-48s as the main 96-track recording system and two more as a backup. I'm very pleased with the sound quality, the support has been great and I'm happy I went with the TASCAMs."

The X-48 offers the best of both worlds: the stability and ease-of-use of a stand-alone hard disk recorder with the GUI, editing features and plug-in compatibility of computer-based digital audio workstations. The X-48 boasts 96kHz/24-bit recording across all 48 tracks, world-class synchronization and file import/export for workstations like Pro Tools®. It goes beyond stand-alone recorders with its built-in automated 48-channel digital mixer, VGA display output, powerful editing functions and DVD+RW backup, transforming the X-48 into a complete standalone workstation. Much more information is available online at tascam.com/x48.