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TASCAM Updates Interface Drivers with Microsoft Vista Support


Past and Present Interfaces Now Support Microsoft's 64-bit OS

Montebello, CA (October 31, 2007): TASCAM has posted updated drivers for the FW-1082, FW-1804 and FW-1884 audio interfaces to support Windows Vista 32 and Vista 64, Microsoft's latest operating systems. In addition, drivers for TASCAM's legacy USB products US-122, US-224 and US-428 have been updated. Nearly all of TASCAM's interfaces have been now been updated to support Windows Vista.

"Windows Vista support has been the top feature request for our top-selling FireWire interfaces," said Jeff Laity, Marketing Manager for TASCAM. "We took advantage of the opportunity to update our legacy USB interfaces at the same time, so even five-year old US-122 interfaces can be used in the latest Windows operating system."

The new drivers are available for free download at www.tascam.com. Windows Vista drivers for the TASCAM FireOne are in development and will be available soon.