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Virtual Instruments are Powered By GVI, Distributed by TASCAM

Montebello, CA (October 5, 2007): Larry Seyer Digital has begun shipping POWERkits Volumes 1, 2, and 3. The 24-bit virtual instruments are Powered by GVI, TASCAM's plug-in based on the TEC Award-winning GigaStudio 3, and are currently available in VSTi and RTAS formats for Windows-based DAWs like Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo and SONAR.

"The idea behind POWERkits is to provide the most realistic sounding acoustic drum kits possible with the lowest computer overhead requirements," remarked Instrument Developer Larry Seyer. "Our drums are sampled with dozens of variations like multiple velocity layers and different strike "zones" so you can choose the place on the drum head where the striker hits the drum. The Powered By GVI engine gives musicians the power to play these drums with embedded room colors and iMIDI rule programming for completely real sounding acoustic drums."

Packaged in groups of 10 drum kits per library, the POWERkits series offers the same 24-bit sound quality as the original Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums library. Now in a stand-alone software product, POWERkits provide the musician and producer with a sound palette requiring very little processing power. Each volume includes over 7,000 individual drum samples totaling over 9GB and includes multiple striker choices such as stick, rod, and mallets. They are arranged in groups of 10 drum kits per volume and each volume adds to the collection and expands the number of drum kits in the series up to 150 drum kits.