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Believe The Hype - FW-1884 Hooks Up Public Enemy's Studio

Chuck D. and DJ Johnny "Juice" Rosado rave about the latest FireWire product

Montebello, CA (July 6, 2004): Public Enemy's Chuck D. and DJ Johnny Juice Rosado are the latest converts to TASCAM's FW-1884 FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface & Control Surface , incorporating it in their Long Island NY studio to prep for upcoming shows and a pair of forthcoming albums.

A master scratcher and DJ, Johnny's equally adept as engineer and producer and handles the production for all the P.E. projects. He's a longtime TASCAM user who cut his studio moves on a M-3700 console and MSR-16 multitrack before "going digital" in 1997 - trying every software control surface available today before picking the FW-1884 to control their Cakewalk Sonar recording and editing environment. "Juice uses the FW-1884 to combine the elements of old and new equipment in our music without it being a headache," says Chuck D. "Among everything else he does well, he's really good at keeping things smooth here."

Johnny says he favorably compares the sound of the FW-1884's mic preamps to many of his vintage hardware preamps. He recently played some FW-1884-recorded tracks of the band My World for Warner Chappel Publishing vice president Patrick Conseil who told Juice the drum sounds in the song were reminiscent of the Sex Pistols' early recordings.

"I always have people coming over here to look at it because it's a cool piece of gear," laughs Johnny. "The FW-1884 has a master fader and eight other channel faders, but mainly I love the way its faders feel and the touch and feel of the jog/shuttle wheel. It's also really easy to get around the FW-1884 because it is laid out logically. I've worked on other software controllers where I've said, "Now why did they put that there?" But, as a recording engineer and producer, the TASCAM controller makes complete sense to me because everything on it is placed right where it needs to be.

"I'm thinking of adding one or two of the new TASCAM FE-8 Channel Expander packs to the FW-1884 in the studio, too. I must say, especially with all my vintage preamps lying around here, that the stock preamps on the FW-1884 and US-122 really surprise me. And for us to be able to monitor right through the FW-1884 without any latency whatsoever is great."

Check out Public Enemy's upcoming releases, How Do You Sell Soul To A Soul-less People Who Sold Their Soul? and New Whirl Odor. Get the details and release dates at www.publicenemy.com or www.slamjamz.com.

The FW-1884 FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface & Control Surface is now available at your nearest TASCAM dealer. MSRP: $1599. For more information, log onto www.tascam.com.

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