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GigaStudio GVI News From WNAMM 2007

New at WNAMM 07: a host of new GIGA Virtual Instruments (GVI's) utilizing the new GIGA wrapper technology to encode GIGA content into individual Virtual Instruments; plug-in compatible via VSTi, RTAS and also standalone (using ASIO). These instruments utilize many exclusive aspects of the GIGA engine including Spectral Morphing, Convolution modeling, Portamento Reshaping, accelerated polyphony and ultra-efficient memory utilization:

  1. GIGA Continuous Velocity Piano - the worlds first instrument utilizing GIGA's Spectral Morphing technology instead of massive multisampling. This instrument utilizes only a single velocity sample, which is precisely and continuously expanded via the Spectral Interpolate Velocity (SIV) mode of GIGA's Spectral Morphing filters, to cover the full dynamic range, pp to ff.
  2. Dramatic Percussion - the finest cinematic percussion effects library ever created, from veteran film percussionist, Todd Sorenson. Bowed tines, gongs, and cymbals, massive drum effects, and many exotic sounds that give a huge sound that jumps out of the screen. Utilizes Convolution models and the Dynamic Expression Filter (DEF) mode of GIGA's Spectral Morphing for continuous changes in energy before and after rolls, hits, etc.
  3. Larry Seyer's Power Kits - Three, reasonably priced individual VI volumes of drums from the leader in sampled drum libraries. These kits offer the same extended control and features of the full Drum Library, packed as individual virtual instruments.
  4. American Zither - an immaculate, exotic instrument with dynamic expression using tremolo speed control, bends and slides with spectral morphing, note-off triggers, 12-way randomization, convolution body resonance models all recorded from a pristine 24-bit signal chain.
  5. Malmsjö Extended Acoustic Grand - this beautiful classic re-issued with extended dynamic range by virtue of GIGA's Spectral Morphing (DEF).
  6. GigaViolin GVI - The modeled solo violin (now also as a VI version) with 15 swappable violin body models, numerous swappable environments, programmable gliss and mono/portamento, unique body model multi-mic mixing (combine up to six mics for custom impulse response body models).