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GVI Host Stability Testing, Simply Amazing

In a real-time studio environment setting, GVI out performed even TASCAM's expectations. Here were the results.

Computer and interface Elements:
New Boxx system with 64bit Win XP

Custom Sounds
New Air 3 Strings - loaded in 4 instances of GVI
Strings Shaped Long (All)
Strings Shaped Short (All)
Strings Trems (All we have at the moment Vln, Clo & Bass)

Total RAM load, according to task manager 2.78 GB (A new record, something no one else has done!)

Polyphony per GVI:
Instance 1 = 378
Instance 2 = 374
Instance 3 = 380
Instance 4 = 374

Total Poly Load = 1506

This system ran with this load continuously for 12 hours.

Also worth noting - Each instrument loaded was being triggered for the full time.

Simply amazing!