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Download A Free Song From John 5's New Album


Click Here to download "Needles, CA" by John 5

John 5 Vertigo CD Cover Download "Needles, CA", a free song from John 5's new solo album Vertigo and then practice along using your CD-GT1. Learn more about our CD Trainers by clicking here.

"The CD-GT1 Guitar Trainer will save you months of listening to a song over and over to make sure you're playing it correctly," says John 5. "It gives you the ability to slow the song down to a speed that you can learn the licks easily. The only bad thing about the CD-GT1 is that it wasn't invented when I started playing guitar... but I'm taking advantage of it now."

The CD-GT1 CD Guitar Trainer lets you loop one track or set start and end points to loop a segment. You can slow down the CD tempo by 8%, 16%, 32% or half-speed wihtout changing the pitch. You can also change the key of a song without affecting the tempo so you don't have to re-tune your instrument, or shift both the pitch and tempo down to 50%. A guitar input with built-in multieffects lets you play along, and there's even a onboard tuner.

Get the dish on John 5 and Vertigo at www.shrapnelrecords.com or on John's own site at www.john-5.com.