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New York, NY (October 10, 2003): Already the most inexpensive digital mixer in its class, the TASCAM DM-24 has just become an even better value. From October 1st through December 31st, each new DM-24 digital mixer purchase is eligible for a free MU-24 meter bridge. The MU-24 adds 24 channel meters, stereo output meters and a timecode display to the DM-24, allowing the operator to view the levels of the 32 inputs, 8 busses and 6 aux busses.

"The DM-24 has already established itself as one of the most flexible digital mixers for recording professionals, with features like HUI emulation for DAW control, 96kHz operation and 5.1 surround capabilities," says Jim Mack, TASCAM Division Manager. "With a street price of $2,399*, now including the meter bridge, the DM-24 is an incredible value for professional studio owners, sound reinforcement engineers and musicians recording at home."

The DM-24 is a powerful digital console, with 17 touch-sensitive moving faders, 32 channels with 4-band parametric EQ and dynamics, comprehensive automation and 60 inputs available during mixdown. Three internal processors provide reverb by TC Works™, spacial effects by TASCAM and mic/speaker modeling by Antares™. The DM-24 has HUI emulation mode for control of DAW programs like Pro Tools, Digital Performer and Nuendo, and its powerful DSP and automation frees your computer's CPU to run more cool processor-intensive plug-ins.

* Estimated Street Price