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A New Multifunction Audio/Video Hub for the Contracting and Install Market

Montebello, CA (January 15, 2004): Fulfilling the needs of meeting rooms, conference halls, churches and other presentation applications, the TASCAM AV-452 is an all-new mixer designed for the contracting and installation market. The AV-452 incorporates a microphone mixer, audio/video receiver, infrared controller and digital amplifier into one affordable, easy-to use component. With a universal learning remote and IR blaster function, it's designed to control a sophisticated A/V system as one integrated unit.

"Over the last five years, AV technologies have come a long way in quality, affordability, and consumer acceptance," recalls Patrick Killianey, TASCAM Systems Contracting Channel Manager. "Today, PowerPoint presentations and video clips are a routinely used by middle management, educators and other public speakers. The AV-452 brings these presentation elements together into one affordable, easy-to-use system."

The AV-452 was designed primarily to assist in switching audio & video sources and to allow presenter(s) to be heard. Four mic channels offer enough inputs even with multiple presenters and audience interaction. The A/V channel acts as an AV receiver, switching between two audio decks and three A/V sources. 3-band EQs are provided on each of these five channels. Presenters can use the built-in 100W/ch digital power amp to feed speakers directly, or feed the line-level outputs to powered speakers or other amplifiers.

The AV-452 ships with the RC-452 universal learning remote. This remote controls the AV-452 functions, and learns the IR controls for the A/V decks and the projector. The AV-452 main unit can also learn IR commands to be transmitted to a projector, allowing the AV-452 and projector to operate as one unit. Relay control and thorough RS-232/422/485 control are also available.

Permanent installers will also appreciate features that integrate with common building communication systems. For instance, a constant voltage input with noise gate allows paging systems to be integrated into the same speaker system. Also, an EMG break can mute local audio when an emergency alarm system is activated.

"Complicated AV systems can overwhelm presenters, and detract from their presentation. AV elements only enhance presentations when they run smoothly." Killianey explains, "When we designed the AV-452, we did more than just make our box easy to use. The AV-452 actually tames the whole AV system, making the individual presentation components work as one cohesive unit."

With its audio mixing, video routing, device control, digital amplifier and other installation friendly features, the AV-452 is the ideal AV centerpiece for presentation professionals.

  • Four phantom-powered microphone inputs on XLRs and barrier strip
  • Three-band EQ, level, gain and mute controls for each of the four microphone inputs and the A/V buss
  • Selectable 100Hz rolloff on microphone inputs
  • Audio I/O for Cassette, CD-RW, DVD, VCR and Aux
  • Composite and S-Video I/O for DVD, VCR and Aux
  • RGB In/Thru port for connection convenience
  • Switchable Cascade input allows multiple rooms to be linked together
  • Stereo digital amplifier delivers 100W/side at 8 ohms
  • Learning IR blaster with universal remote sends infrared commands to projectors and other devices when inputs are selected
  • Record monitor selection allows dubbing between A/V devices
  • Motorized master volume control