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New update adds 24-bit playback, real-time convolution processing, ReWire support, VST plug-ins and much more

Anaheim, CA (January 15, 2004): TASCAM has announced the long-awaited new version of GigaStudio - GigaStudio 3.0. This new version, a from-the-ground-up rewrite of the original application, adds dozens of new features for composers, sound designers and music producers. Available in three versions - Orchestra, Ensemble and Solo - it offers up to unlimited polyphony, 96kHz/24-bit sample support, ReWire support, VST FX, and GigaPiano 2, real-time convolution and a new look and feel to maintain GigaStudio's presence at the forefront of the sampling market. And it retains the features that made it the professional choice for sampling, such as disk streaming, the lowest latency of any sampler and the best sound libraries in the world.

"GigaStudio continues to be the best choice for composers looking for the most realistic sampled instruments available," says Pete Snell, GigaStudio Sales and Marketing manager for TASCAM. "GigaStudio 3 adds GigaPulse SP, which allows library developers to add reverb and instrument resonance convolution to their instruments for a new level of realism. Plus, new features like Quick Edit, VST plug-in support and ReWire routing support make it easier to integrate the power of GigaStudio into virtually any studio."

GigaStudio 3 adds a list of new features designed to make music production easier while producing the most authentic sampled instruments ever created.

  • Unlimited Polyphony - in GigaStudio 3 Orchestra, dependant on hard drive speed. 160 voice polyphony in GS3 Ensemble, 96 voices in GS3 Solo
  • VST Plug-In support - use your favorite effects in GigaStudio
  • Rewire support - GigaStudio now provides virtual MIDI and audio connections between a sequencer and GS3
  • 24-bit sample support - a new dimension of detail, without affecting polyphony
  • 96kHz sample support - load 24-bit/96kHz instruments for stunning realism
  • Expanded mixer - now supports 128 channels and 32 fader groups
  • Quick Edit - by popular demand, edit real time parameters on the fly
  • New User Interface look and feel - a modern overhaul to the look of GigaStudio for improved workflow and usability
  • Intelligent MIDI - Legato, Alternation, Random modes and more
  • Sample Recording - Now the premier sample player can record samples, not just play them back. New GSIF 2.0-compatible soundcards now support input as well as output for recording or processing directly into GigaStudio
  • Kernel-level MIDI - Our new MIDI input technology virtually eliminates latency and reduces jitter on the incoming MIDI data
  • Convolution Surround placement - using a native version of GigaPulse with extra channels for surround
  • GigaPulse - This processor models the resonance of a space, microphone or instrument body for the most realistic sampled instruments ever. A playback-only version, GigaPulse SP, is included with Orchestra, Ensemble and Solo. GigaPulse Pro is included with GigaStudio 3 Orchestra, and offers the ability to create your own reverb impulses and add them to instruments.

GigaStudio also retains the features that made it the best software sampler available:

  • Streaming samples - only GigaStudio allows you to load samples over 4GB, for the most realistic instruments possible
  • Sound Libraries - The best sound libraries in the world are developed for GigaStudio. Some samplers attempt to convert and load GS instruments, but lose articulations, sound quality and big sample sizes that make GigaStudio the leader in its field
  • Runs on inexpensive PC hardware, integrates with Mac sequencers with a soundcard and a MIDI jack.
  • Quicksound - rapid instrument searching of your hard drive
  • Articulations - switch playing techniques by pressing a key, allows for highly authentic phrasing and performance
  • Low latency - kernel-level processing give GigaStudio the lowest latency of any sampler