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New CD Training Tool features Two Mic Inputs, Slow Speed Audition

Montebello, CA (December 1, 2003): Following the success of the CD-GT1 Guitar Trainer and CD-BT1 Bass Trainer, the new TASCAM CD-VT1 is a CD trainer designed for vocalists and other instrumentalists. A pair of microphone inputs provide the ability to sing with accompaniment, in duet or play karaoke games. Plus, the unit has all of the CD playback features of the acclaimed CD-GT1 and CD-BT1, including Slow Speed Audition to play CDs at 1/2 speed without affecting the pitch.

"A great musician never stops learning new music," says Jim Mack, Division Manager for TASCAM. "The easy-to-use CD-GT1 and CD-BT1 have helped both beginning and professional guitarists learn previously unattainable licks. The CD-VT1 gives this ability to singers, music students, keyboardists, arrangers, or anyone else interested in improving their musical ability."

The CD-VT1 features two microphone inputs and a Vocal Cancel feature, which removes the vocal from the CD during playback. It has effects like reverb, echo and chorus for the microphone inputs, plus a Voice Changer effect to change the pitch of the miked signal. The CD player has Slow Speed Audition, pitch shifting and seamless looping to assist in learning new songs. A headphone and line output are provided so the singers can record their performance to CD or computer, or for learning new songs at band practice.

Slow Speed Audition changes the speed of playback without changing the key Change just the pitch of playback, or change pitch and speed simultaneously Looping function with seamless start and end points Built-in multieffects designed for voice Cue function returns to the last place playback was started Easy-to-Use Multifunction LCD display Headphone jack for practicing and Line out for recording your performance Runs on batteries for portability, or use an optional power supply