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Expansion Card turns the DM-3200 or DM-4800 into a 96kHz, 32 x 32 Audio Interface

Montebello, CA (October, 2006): With the goal of making the DM-series mixers the ultimate front-end for DAW recording, TASCAM has announced the IF-FW/DMmkII FireWire Interface Card. This new version of the popular expansion card turns the DM-3200 or DM-4800 into a 32-in/32-out computer interface. Users can record at up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution without changing the channel count.

"The DM-3200 and DM-4800 were designed to be the ultimate front-end for a DAW recording system," says Jeff Laity, Pro Audio Product Manager for TASCAM. "The FireWire card makes them the perfect choice for computer-based recording studios. Both consoles have 32 direct outs, and the DM-4800 has 24 busses for tracking an entire band or orchestra. 12 aux sends means everyone in the band can have their own cue mix, and the console provides ample talkback and monitoring options. Use the Remote layer for control surface functions in Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, DP and SONAR, and you have the ideal front-end for computer recording, even if you mix in-the-box."

TASCAM's IF-FW/DMmkII interfaces with Mac OSX or Windows systems using Core Audio, WDM and ASIO, providing 32 channels in and out to the DM-3200 or DM-4800 digital consoles at up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution.

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