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TASCAM Announces the New GA-100CD

Montebello, CA (January 19, 2006): Now guitarists can learn their favorite licks from CDs, play those CDs as backing tracks while playing along, and amplify the whole shebang in one unit, with TASCAM's new GA-100CD.

We took our celebrated CD-GT1MkII - the CD Trainer that lets you slow down a song without changing the pitch, making it easy to learn licks and phrases - and added a 2-channel guitar amp. With a 12" custom-voiced RockReady speaker for the amp section and two 5" speakers for the CD Trainer section, the GA-100CD is a 100-watt combo that allows the guitarist to play along to any CD without the need for additional amplification. Singer/songwriters can play along to CD backing tracks, guitarists can learn tunes with the whole band in tow, and beginners can have a Trainer and an amp in one.

What sets this combo apart from others is its Neo TubeT technology. For the first time, an analog, solid state circuit has been created that works the way tubes work - and sounds the way tubes sound. This isn't "modeling", either. This is painstakingly researched and designed circuitry with the fast, natural response of tubes and the tried and true durability of solid state.

Here's a rundown of the GA-100CD's deep feature list:

Guitar Amplifier Section:
  • 2 channels (clean and distortion) with master volume
  • 60 watts RMS
  • 12" custom-voiced RockReady speaker
  • Effects send/return
  • Dedicated gain, volume and tone controls for each channel
  • Neo TubeTM solid state circuitry for natural tube tone
  • Footswitchable channel select and effects

CD Trainer Section:
  • 2 - 5" speakers for stereo output of the CD
  • Change tempo without changing pitch
  • Seamless loop
  • Guitar cancel
  • Built-in DSP effects
  • RCA line input and output (mix of amp and CD sections)
  • Headphone output

Effects Section:
  • DSP-based effects for the guitar amplifier section, including:
  • Delay, Chorus, Phase, Flanger, Tremolo, Vibrato
  • Dedicated reverb
  • 60 banks for storing effects settings (switchable via footswitch)
  • Dedicated knob for setting effects parameters

Its Neo Tube technology will set the GA-100CD apart from the rest, both tonally and in reliability. Add the acclaimed CD-GT1MkII trainer built in, the host of guitar and CD effects, and the utility of having all of this in one unit, and you'll see that TASCAM's GA-100CD is a combo that defines a whole new way to play guitar.

High-resolution images available.

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