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Sonic Implants Introduces the First Symphonic Library Created Specifically for GigaStudio 3.10!

GigaStudio & SI Developers Work Closely to Create New Symphonic Library Utilizing New Features Added to GigaStudio 3.10

Montebello, CA (May 25, 2005): Sonic Implants, creators of critically acclaimed professional sound libraries, announces a new library collection that harnesses the new functions and functionality of GigaStudio 3.10: The Complete Symphonic Collection. Sonic Implants worked closely with TASCAM to develop this library and takes advantage of new features in GS3.10 such as iMIDI and legato functionality. The collection is slated for release at the end of May.

"It is truly a special thing that has been happening between the development teams at Sonic Implants and TASCAM," says Al Joelson, Sonic Implants Director of Sales and Marketing. "Gigastudio 3.1 helps us bring so many new levels of realism and functionality to our new Sonic Implants Complete Symphonic Collection without having to compromise ease of use. The new iMIDI functionality in Gigastudio 3.1 gives us the power to create intricate programming for a special new legato function, repetition programs, & many other unique programs in a ‘behind the scenes' fashion that provides our users with even more realism without additional setup time; you can just load and go! We are very excited and proud to be a part of this development. The combined power of Gigastudio 3.1 and Sonic Implants Complete Symphonic Collection is simply mind blowing!"

"Since Sonic Implant's ultimate goal has always been to find the perfect marriage of fidelity and performance," adds Peter Drawbridge, Sonic Implants Senior Sound Designer. "It's been especially satisfying to have the opportunity to work with the Tascam development team in creating some of the exciting new features in Gigastudio 3.1. These new features enable us to offer a world of performance possibilities for the Sonic Implants Complete Symphonic Collection that were previously unimaginable."

TASCAM recently announced details of the newest upgrade to GigaStudio 3 - GigaStudio version 3.10 adds new iMIDI templates, making it easier to use iMIDI rules for adding life to instrument sounds, and a host of new iMIDI rules and features. The Stack Instrument Selection feature allows you to quickly assign keyswitches to swap sounds on a MIDI channel during a performance effectively shattering previous limits on the number of Dimensions possible. Version 3.10 also adds drag & drop creation of GigaPulse presets, user interface enhancements, new comprehensive keyboard shortcuts and a list of other improvements designed to improve your workflow in GigaStudio:

• iMIDI Templates: GigaStudio v3.10 now supports the use of templates to facilitate loading/saving iMIDI rules. A template is a user/developer-configured rule that can be quickly loaded into the sampler and attached to an instrument or a stack.

• Stack Instrument Selection Feature: This feature can extend the playing capabilities of the sampler by allowing an unlimited number of samples to be assigned to a note range

• Key Re-Mapping for Stack Instruments: Keyboard re-mapping can be applied at the Port/Channel level for quickly re-mapping input notes to samples as is often needed with drum controllers.

• Quick Edit Undo/Redo: New Undo/Redo functionality added to the Quick Edit interface allows users to easily compare changes made to commonly edited instrument parameters.

• Naming Stack Instruments: It is now possible to name stack instruments so they can be easily identified, even when the stack view is collapsed.

• Zone Limit for Stack Instruments: This powerful little feature allows the user to remove overlaps between instruments that are used together on a stack.

• Instrument Selection Within Stack Instruments: This extends the idea of dimension key switching into the stacked instrument realm by providing the ability to key switch between instruments in a stack, practically providing unlimited dimension switching possibilities in real time.

GigaPulse Enhancements:
  • New Import Wave Data menu item, which makes creating your own GigaPulse presets from raw impulses very easy & fast.
  • It is now possible to enter parameter values directly as text.

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