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Groundbreaking CD Trainers now include Improved Effects, Metronome and more

Anaheim, CA • WINTER NAMM • BOOTH #6491 (January 20-23, 2005): The new CD-GT1mkII, CD-BT1mkII and CD-VT1mkII are the latest introductions in the portable CD trainer line - a product category literally invented by TASCAM. Like the wildly-popular CD-GT1 and the follow-up CD-BT1 and CD-VT1, the Mark II trainers have the ability to slow down the speed of a CD without changing the pitch - allowing musicians to learn fast licks, rhythm parts and solos from their favorite artists. The Mark II CD Trainers also add new effects for even better reverb and amp simulation. A new metronome helps musicians practice even when a CD isn't playing. The new Guitar Canceller effect on the CD-GT1mkII allows players to mute the guitar part so that they can play along.

"The TASCAM CD Trainers have been some of TASCAM's most successful products," says Marsh Gooch, National Marketing Manager for TASCAM. "We're not only hearing from student musicians, but also from professional touring players who can't live without their CD Trainers for learning new music. The Mark II Versions add better effects and more flexibility for slowing music and eliminating parts, and now they're even easier to use. It's no wonder that the CD-GT1mkII, CD-BT1mkII and CD-VT1mkII are standard equipment in instrument cases everywhere - there's nothing else like them."

All of the Mark II Trainers have a new metronome feature and additional settings for changing the speed of CD playback, either faster or slower. You can now adjust the speed and the pitch of playback at the same time. The CD-GT1mkII adds a new guitar canceller with selectable cancelling point and new guitar effects. The CD-BT1mkII and CD-VT1mkII include an advanced cancellation effect that allows you to better eliminate the original bass or vocal track. All of the CD Trainers have a new split monitor function that allows you to route the original CD to one output and an instrument to another output.

Each of the three new CD trainers are also compatible with the CD-SP1 carrying case and speaker system (MSRP $39)

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