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Upgrade Adds Control Surface Command Over Plug-Ins and Soft Synths

Montebello , CA (October 7, 2004 ): TASCAM has released a major upgrade for the FW-1884 Audio/MIDI Interface and Control Surface. Version 1.30 allows the control surface to send commands to soft synths, plug-ins, and MIDI sequencers directly through its high-speed FireWire interface.

"Though the FW-1884 has been able to control DAWs through Mackie HUI, Mackie Control and Native protocols, some users want to control their plug-ins too," explains Jim Bailey, New Products Manager for TASCAM. "This update sends standard MIDI controller data to the computer, which can be used by most soft synths and plug-ins to control parameters. Users can make minute adjustments to mastering EQs using the 100mm faders, or tweak a synth filter using the eight encoders, then go back to Computer mode for finishing a mix."

In addition to plug-in control over FireWire, FW-1884 update 1.30 adds the following features:
  • GSIF-2 compatibility allows it to act as a low-latency audio and MIDI interface for GigaStudio 3
  • Improved compatibility with Apple PowerMac G5 computers

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