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TASCAM 2488 24-TRACK WORKSTATION garners awards

The first 24-track studio under $1,500 Named "2004 Product of the Year" by Music Trades Magazine

Montebello , CA ( July 2, 2004 ): Montebello , CA : TASCAM's newest cutting-edge Portastudio - the 2488 - was named "Product of the Year" by Music Trades magazine in its April 2004 issue. Debuting at this year's Winter NAMM conference in January, the 2488 is the latest in TASCAM's line of Portastudios, offering 24-track/24-bit digital audio at a musician-friendly price point. 2004 marks the 25th anniversary of TASCAM's first Portastudio introduction - the 144 - the world's first portable four-track cassette recorder. The 2488 also garnered "Desktop Recording Workstation of the Year" from M.I.P.A., whose nominating and voting academy includes 58 music trade magazines from around the world.

TASCAM, the company that virtually invented home recording with the Portastudio line of recording workstations, announced the 2488 at the Winter NAMM show. The 2488, a 24-track recording workstation for under $1,500*, records 24 tracks of audio at 24-bit resolution, with 250 virtual tracks, powerful editing and looping functions for stunning production quality. Its 36 mixer inputs mix 24 playback tracks, eight analog inputs, a 64-voice MIDI tone generator and stereo effects processor.

"To many musicians, 24 tracks is more than just a number," says Jim Mack, TASCAM Division Manager. "24 track recording is the standard for major label acts recording in big studios, and never before has it been so affordable for artists recording at home. And with the MIDI sound module, plus mixing and CD burning features of the 2488 means you can produce pro-quality CDs using just the 2488."

The TASCAM 2488 is a 24-track / 24-bit production workstation with 36 mixer channels. 3-band EQ is provided for all 24 channels, plus the eight inputs and tone generator channel. Three aux sends - one for each mixer channel except for the effects return - send to a loop effect with effects like reverb and delay or external devices. Up to eight dynamics processors can be utilized while recording or mixing, and an additional stereo compressor is dedicated to the stereo output. When your song is mixed, the 2488 can master and burn a CD using the built-in CD-RW drive, or transfer your track to a computer using the high-speed USB 2.0 connection.
  • 24-track recording at 44.1kHz/24-bit
  • 36-channel mixer
  • 3-band EQ on 24 channels, 8 inputs and tone generator with high and low sweepable shelving bands and full parametric mid band
  • Three aux sends on all channels except the effects return
  • Loop effect provides reverb, delay, chorus and more on an aux send and return
  • Up to eight assignable dynamics processors for compression during recording or mixdown
  • Assignable Guitar multieffects processor for distortion, flange and more
  • Dedicated Stereo Compressor on the stereo output
  • Eight inputs: 4 XLR with phantom power, four 1/4" mic/line inputs
  • Twenty 45mm faders including master fader
  • Large LCD display for viewing meters and edit parameters
  • CD-RW drive to record mixdown, import/export WAV files and backup hard drive
  • 64-voice General MIDI sound module
  • Standard MIDI File player
  • High-speed USB 2.0 jack connects to PC for data backup and SMF/WAV file transfer

TASCAM's 2488 was developed utilizing Analog Devices' SHARC ADSP-21161N processor. This super-charged chip adds powerful multi-effects, dynamics processing, and stereo compression to the Portastudio's robust functionality.

TASCAM is the professional audio division of TEAC Corporation and produces the most comprehensive line of audio recorders, mixers and related equipment in the pro audio industry. TASCAM has offices in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Mexico and Latin America . For additional information, contact:

TASCAM • 7733 Telegraph Road • Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 726-0303 • www.tascam.com