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TASCAM has introduced a trio of products designed to fit the professional presentation market. The AV-452 Presentation Mixer/Amplifier, DV-D6500 DVD Player and 322 Dual-Well Cassette Deck all share features that installers demand - like rock-solid reliability and the ability to be controlled via RS-232.

"TASCAM has long been a trusted standard for installations where reliability, audio quality and flexibility are demanded by contractors and installers," states Jim Mack, Division Manager for TASCAM. "With these three products, we have responded to the growing trend of remote control using system controllers like Crestron and AMX. Even in installations where RS-232 is not required at the time of the bid, these TASCAM products offer features like multi-room amplification, power-on play, and adjustable pitch control to suit nearly any application.

The TASCAM AV-452 is a new Audio/Visual Presentation Mixer and Amplifier for the presentation market. A few of its features include:
  • Four phantom-powered microphone inputs on XLRs and barrier strip
  • Three-band EQ, level, gain and mute controls for each of the four microphone inputs and the A/V buss
  • Selectable 100Hz rolloff on microphone inputs
  • Audio I/O for Cassette, CD-RW, DVD, VCR and Aux
  • Composite and S-Video I/O for DVD, VCR and Aux
  • RGB In/Thru port for connection convenience
  • Switchable Cascade input allows multiple rooms to be linked together
  • Stereo digital amplifier delivers 100W/side at 8 ohms
  • Learning IR blaster with universal remote sends infrared commands to projectors and other devices when inputs are selected
  • Record monitor selection allows dubbing between A/V devices
  • Motorized master volume control

TASCAM'S DV-D6500 is an RS-232 Controllable DVD Player. Its main features include:
  • RS-232 Bi-Directional Serial Control Port
  • Reads CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-R Media
  • True Progressive Scan for Improved Image Quality
  • Composite, S-Video and Component Video Outputs
  • Defeatable On-Screen Icons
  • Update Available for All-Black Background
  • Format Adjustments for 4:3 and 16:9 Monitors
  • FVPP Image Processing (Gamma, Sharpness, etc.)
  • 24 bit, 96kHz D/A Converters (106dB Dynamic Range)
  • Unbalanced RCA Analog Outputs (Stereo)
  • Coax and Optical Digital Outputs (Stereo/Surround)
  • Optional IF-P6500 Power-On Play Control Box

The 322 from TASCAM is an Advanced Dual-Well Cassette Deck. Its features include the following:
  • Optical Leader Sensing for Quick Auto Reverse
  • RS-232 Serial Control Port
  • ±10% Pitch Control Independent for Each Deck
  • Independent Unbalanced RCA Analog I/O for Each Deck
  • RTZ (Return To Zero) Function on Each Deck
  • RC-322A Wired Remote Included
  • Headphone Output w/ Level Control
  • Optional LA-322 Balancing Kit
  • Optional WR-7000 Cascade Cables
  • 3-U Rack Mountable Dual Bi-Directional Cassette Deck
  • Both Cassette Wells Record Capable for Simultaneous Masters
  • Normal (1x) and High (2x) Speed Dubbing Capability
  • Dolby B and C with HX Pro Headroom Extension
  • Electronic Tape Counter
  • Record Mute Function (On RC-322A Only)