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Acclaimed Blue Tubes bundle, Liquid Bundle and Rock Amp Legends plug-ins now available through TASCAM dealers

Montebello, CA (January 20, 2004): In their latest move to provide a complete solution for computer-based recording, TASCAM has announced distribution for Nomad Factory plug-ins in the United States. TASCAM has had tremendous success with software solutions for computer musicians, including the new GigaStudio 3 software sampler and GigaPulse VST convolution-based reverb plug-in. Nomad Factory provides the last step in the puzzle for DAW mixing tools, including vintage EQs, great-sounding compressors and warm guitar amp simulations.

"Nomad Factory has been releasing some of the best-sounding plug-ins available to rave reviews," says Jim Bailey, Product Manager for TASCAM. "We're excited by the opportunity to expose our customers to this great collection of DSP plug-ins. We feel that the excellent sound quality, simple user interface, and value match the TASCAM product line perfectly."

Nomad Factory (www.nomadfactory.com) has a line of three plug-in bundles for the computer-based production studio. The Blue Tubes bundle recreates the warm sound of vintage EQs, compressors, phasers, limiters, delays, chorus and more. The Liquid Bundle provides an array of high-quality compressor, chorus, flange, delay and reverb plug-ins with a unique, intuitive user interface. Rock Amp Legends is the latest addition to the Nomad Factory lineup. Co-developed with Jimmy Crespo (guitarist with Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck), this plug-in captures the classic rock tone of coveted British and American amplifiers, and adds a rack of great-sounding effects for a thick guitar sound.

TASCAM will be bundling demos of Nomad Factory plug-ins with their USB and FireWire audio interfaces and with GigaStudio. An exclusive, free Nomad Factory plug-in will also be provided for TASCAM customers. Customers who register their Nomad Factory purchase receive a free, three plug-in bundle through the Nomad Factory website