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All-New Dual CD Players for Club and Mobile DJs

Anaheim, CA (January 15, 2004): TASCAM has just introduced a pair of CD Players with cutting-edge two-piece design and a host of new features for a very affordable price. The CD-X1500 is a CD player for mobile DJs, offering up features like scratch, brake, filter effect, 100% tempo range, tap BPM and more. The CD-X1700 adds features like MP3 CD playback with scratch and pitch bend, multiple hot starts, reverse playback, and much more. Both models are compatible with the new TT-M1, the "Turntable Magic" controller that allows DJs to control CD playback from their vinyl turntables.

"The CD-X1500 and CD-X1700 are shaking up people's expectations for DJ CD Players," jives DJ Davey Dave, DJ Product Specialist for TASCAM. "The CD-X1500 has an unbelievable list of features for its price point, and the CD-X1700 completely reinvents the top-of-the-line CD Player for DJs. And when you pair either of them with the TT-M1 and control them from a turntable, the results are revolutionary."

The CD-X1500 has all of the necessary features for DJs like seamless looping, key original/master tempo, 3 hot start cue points and anti-shock buffer. It also includes a BPM count with TAP key, digital output, +/- 8, 16, 32 and 100% pitch control and a filter effect. The CD-X1700 adds a larger jog wheel, reverse playback, onboard multieffects, a +/- 100% tempo slider and a dedicated 10-second sampler on each side of the controller. The CD-X1700 plays back MP3-encoded CDs with the ability to scratch, pitch bend and change tempo.