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Attitude-Rich GigaStudio Libraries to be Distributed by TASCAM

Anaheim, CA (January 15, 2004): TASCAM, creators of the all-new GigaStudio 3.0 Sampling Workstation, are pleased to announce a new exclusive United States distribution contract with AMG. Famous for libraries like Kick Ass Brass, Dark Side of the Groove, and a dozen other GigaStudio-compatible libraries, AMG is one of the premier loop library developers.

"TASCAM is honored to distribute such excellent sample library collections as AMG," explains Pete Snell, Sales and Marketing Manager for TASCAM GigaStudio. "We hope that this deal will further broaden GigaStudio's appeal to Hip Hop, R&B and dance music styles. No other company has produced title after title of loop libraries with so much attitude. We can't wait to share the great-sounding new libraries that AMG is working on for GigaStudio 3."

"We're delighted to enter into this deal with TASCAM that we believe will bring our libraries to the GigaStudio community in the most effective way possible," says Matthew Wilkinson, founder of AMG. " We already have 16 titles available in Giga format and aim to double our range during 2004. We are not only dedicated to quality but also strive to ensure our libraries are the most unique and inspiring available today. These shared principles made this deal with TASCAM a natural. We look forward to adding many more GigaStudio users this year to the thousands already using our samples all over the World."