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New York, NY (October 10, 2003): Taking advantage of their expertise with film and video production equipment, TASCAM has taken on the distribution of Kamesan Location Mixers in the United States. Kamesan's line of mixers for electronic news gathering, independent filmmaking, commercial advertising and television production is poised to set new standards for location mixers worldwide.

"For over thirty years, Kamesan has been driven by the pursuit of developing the best-sounding, most reliable mixers and related products for professional broadcast and film sound," says Takatoshi Takiguchi, president of Sigma/Kamesan Engineering Co Ltd. "Today, we are proud to have more than a 90% share of the ENG/EFP mixer market in Japan. Kamesan is happy to be associated with TASCAM America as our business partner in the most important market outside of Japan, and we look forward to working together to introduce Kamesan-branded products in the US market."

Three of the most sought-after Kamesan products are the KST-2000 and KS-342 mixers and the MoniCough. The KST-2000 is a 3-channel mixer small and light enough to go anywhere. The perfect companion for camcorder production, it features a long battery life, compact design, versatile monitoring and intuitive ease-of-use. The KS-342 is a no-compromise high-performance mixer that adapts to the needs of the broadcast and film mixer. A pair of expansion modules, four mic inputs, comprehensive monitoring and a compact design prepare the KS-342 for any situation a location mixer may encounter. The MoniCough is a stand-alone microphone preamp, talkback/headphone monitor system and mute switch for commentary applications.

"Kamesan provides a very high-quality product for the discriminating user," says Jim Mack, Director of TASCAM. "We're excited by the opportunity to launch Kamesan products in the US, where the demand for high-quality mixers is as high as the expectations of their users. With TASCAM's thirty-year experience in the recording market, and our experience producing Emmy®- and Academy Award®-winning products for video production, we're confident that Kamesan will be our next success in the broadcast market."