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TASCAM Announces BD-01U Blu-Ray Player


Single-rackspace Player a Reliable Choice for Installation

Booth 2282, Anaheim, CA (Jan 21, 2016): TASCAM’s has launched the BD-01U Blu Ray recorder, a single-rackspace player for the installation market. Building on the success of the install-standard DV-D01U, the Hi-Definition player includes control via LAN, RS-232C, and an included wireless remote. DVD, WAV, MP3, DTS, and Dolby playback are also supported. Media can be played back at up to 130% speed.


A pair of balanced XLR and RCA unbalanced outputs is provided on the rear panel, in addition to the HDMI audio/video output. The analog outputs can be attenuated up to -12dB. Both optical and coaxial digital audio outs are also provided. Other professional features include a defeatable on-screen display, chapter repeat function, and JPEG slideshow.

TASCAM channels the years of experience gained with the DV-D01U to create the ultimate source playback for education, house of worship, boardroom, and other high-stress installs. For demanding installations that require the most reliable video playback player available, there’s no substitute for the TASCAM BD-01U.

  • Single-rackspace Blu Ray & DVD player
  • Controllable via Ethernet LAN or RS-232C
  • Plays CD, WAV, MP3, WMA, DTS and Dolby audio formats
  • USB flash drive input for JPEG slideshow playback
  • Included Infrared remote control
  • HDMI high-definition audio/video out
  • XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced outputs
  • Up to -12dB attenuation of analog output
  • Optical and Coaxial digital audio outputs
  • 1.3x playback mode
  • Power-on play function
  • Lock function (panel, tray, or IR remote)
  • On-screen Display switchable on or off
  • Dimmable front-panel display
  • Firmware update via USB or Ethernet port

Available May, 2016