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TASCAM DR-22WL/DR-44WL Updated to Version 1.2 with XRI


Now Saves XRI - Extended Recording Information with GPS Coordinates 

TASCAM has updated the revolutionary DR-44WL and DR-22WL portable recorders with Wi-Fi to Version 1.2. The free upgrade introduces several new features, including XRI -Extended Recording Information with GPS coordinates, auto markers around overloaded recordings, and other useful features.

XRI is TASCAM ‘s exclusive Extended Recording Information feature. When enabled, XRI saves information to the Broadcast WAVE file detailing how it was recorded. The file includes information on which input source was used, the gain setting, and whether the limiter or low cut filter was engaged. In addition, you can save GPS tagging in your recordings, passed through Wi-Fi from your smartphone.

Another new feature in version 1.2 writes a marker two seconds before any detected peak in your recording. This makes it easy to look for trouble spots in your DAW, and is especially helpful when editing together recordings made with dual recording mode. A protect feature has been added to keep selected files from being mistakenly deleted, several marker modes have been added, and the gain knob taper has been adjusted.

Version 1.2 firmware for the DR-22WL and DR-44WL is now available as a free download from TASCAM.com.


New Features in Version 1.2 firmware:

  • XRI Extended Recording Information feature saves the following with the Broadcast WAV file:
    • MANUFACTURER: Recorder’s brand name
    • MODEL: Recorder model name
    • FW VER: Recorder’s Firmware version
    • SOURCE: Sound input method (input terminal or microphone)
    • INPUT LV: Input level setting
    • LOW CUT: Low cut filter setting
    • LV CTRL: Recording level - automatic control function
    • EFFECT: Effect ON/OFF
    • LATITUDE/LONGITUDE: GPS information from the iOS/Android app, can be defeated independent of XRI
  • Peak mark function
  • Protect Function
  • Other Improvements


DR-44WL features:

  • Wi-Fi transport control for remote start
  • File transfer and streaming to smartphones or computers over Wi-Fi
  • Free control and transfer app for iOS and Android
  • Free transfer software for Mac and Windows
  • Improved stereo condenser microphones with shockmounting arranged in close XY pattern
  • New mic preamp and A/D converters for better sound quality and longer battery life
  • High volume recording – up to 132dB SPL
  • Record stereo, four channel, or dual recording mode for a safety track in case of overload
  • Multitrack mode with reverb for 4-track recordings on the go
  • Up to 96kHz/24-bit recording (WAV/BWF) or MP3 recording
  • Simultaneous WAV and MP3 recording
  • XLR inputs with phantom power
  • 128x128 graphic LCD with backlight
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connects directly to your smartphone without an existing network
  • Supports up to 512GB SDXC card (4GB SDHC card included)
  • Includes SD card, AC adapter, camera hot shoe adapter, soft case, hand grip, windscreen, and Micro USB cable