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Music Mix Mobile Chooses TASCAM CG-2000 for Grammy Awards


Broadcast Clock Generator Keeps All Media In Sync

Montebello, CA (March 2, 2015): Award-winning remote facility Music Mix Mobile chose TASCAM’s CG-2000 as their reference clock for the 57th Grammy Awards broadcast. The mobile facility is trusted with high-profile events like the CMA awards, Emmy Awards, I Heart Radio festival, NBA All Star Game and The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Music Mix Mobile“At Music Mix Mobile (M3), the heart of our trucks is our main clocking system,” said Joel Singer, Chief Engineer and founding partner of Music Mix Mobile. “We need a “Swiss army knife” of clocks – something that is not only stable and accurate, but also has many options for conversion, clock sources, and switchover during clock failure. The CG-2000 has all this – and more.”

“The stability and accuracy of the clock is tremendous. We immediately noticed an improvement in the clarity of the system. Our truck’s control room has always been considered a very accurate imaging system. My engineers commented that it was better with the CG-2000 in place.”

The 12 word clock outputs allowed them to eliminate distribution boxes: “We have eliminated distributed WC from our world, and now directly clock from the CG-2000. We additionally distribute black from the CG-2000 for use in our Dolby 571 E Encoder units. These require a NTSC black signal rather then WC. Dual power supplies built-in without wall warts is a blessing. We connect to two different circuits and eliminate the worry associated with an internal PSU failure.”

“Overall, this unit is a winner.  I will be updating our other trucks with these clocks in the Spring.”

CG-2000 Features:

  • High-precision OCXO (Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator) with 0.01PPM accuracy
  • Jitter management circuit for stable clock output
  • Glitch-free relocking circuit prevents noise and skipping during clock dropouts and recovery
  • 10MHz input for use with Rubidium or GPS clock generators
  • Twelve word clock outputs, two of which support 1/2Fs, 1/4Fs, 2xFs, 4xFs, and 256xFs the selected rate
  • Two AES/EBU and two S/PDIF outputs
  • Word clock and AES/EBU clock inputs
  • Four system presets, saved internally with USB drive backup
  • Sampling Frequencies from 32kHz to 192kHz supported
  • Panel lock switch to prevent accidental changes
  • 1u rack mount size
  • Four video clock outputs and two video clock inputs
  • Tri-level sync support for high-definition video
  • Analyzer functions for troubleshooting
  • Dual power supplies for redundancy
  • GPO for tally alarms and status monitoring

More information on the CG-2000 web page:

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