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TASCAM Updates CD-A550mkII and 202mkVI


New Models Include Updated Cassette Transport

Montebello, CA (Oct 10, 2014): TASCAM’s best-selling cassette and combo decks have been updated to the CD-A550mkII and 202mkVI. The new models feature an updated cassette transport.  

The 202mkVI dual cassette deck is the only choice for professional studios, houses of worship and other installations needing reliable cassette performance. The dual twin-head decks can each be used for recording or playback, or can be used together for normal or high-speed dubbing. Sync reverse dubbing is also available. 

Our CD-A550mkII is a combination CD player and cassette recorder. The CD transport is built in-house, designed for years of trouble-free commercial playback of CD or MP3 audio. A new cassette transport supports reverse play, return to zero, and dubbing from CD. Contractor-friendly features like power-on play, mono mix, and pitch controls are available for both transports. 

When reliable CD and Cassette playback are required, the CD-A550mkII and 202mkVI are the only choice for demanding installations.

202mkVI features:

  • Return to Zero (Deck 1)
  • A-B Repeat (20 times)
  • Continuous Play, including deck 1/2 switching
  • +/-12% Pitch Control on Deck 1
  • Power on Play and Record
  • Continuous Recording, including deck 1/2 switching
  • Both Decks Record for Simultaneous Masters
  • Normal and Hi speed dubbing
  • Sync Reverse Dubbing
  • Front Mic input with level control
  • 3U Rack mountable
  • Tape type: normal, chrome and metal (play only)

CD-A550mkII features:

  • RCA unbalanced inputs/outputs for Tape and outputs for CD
  • Common outputs which can be selected sources as Tape or Auto or Mix
  • RCA coaxial output for CD digital out
  • CD-Tape continuous play
  • CD to Tape dubbing include Edit dubbing
  • Power on play (CD and Tape), Power on record (Tape only)
  • Mono mix (CD and Tape)
  • CD-DA (support CD-R and CD-RW disc), MP3 and WAV file play
  • Various time display (CD-DA: Lap, Remain, Total remain MP3: Elapsed)
  • CD Text and ID3 tag
  • Auto Cue, Auto Ready, Cue Call and Incremental Play (CD)
  • Shock-proof memory (CD)
  • Pitch control for CD (±12.5%) and cassette (±10%)
  • Auto reverse cassette playback and recording
  • REC mute (Tape)
  • Return to Zero (Tape)
  • Tape type: normal, chrome and metal (play only)
  • 55-key Wireless Remote control
  • 3U Rack mountable

Visit the CD-A550mkII and 202mkVI web pages for more information.