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Blue Note Japan uses DA-3000 for Multitrack DSD Recording


Cascaded DA-3000s Become Affordable DSD Multitrack for Live Jazz Recording

DA-3000 multitrack DSDBlue Note Japan recently completed a live recording using DA-3000s for multitrack Direct Stream Digital audio. Twelve DA-3000s were combined to create a 24-track capture of a jazz quintet led by New York pianist Chihiro Yamanaka. A CG-2000 master clock generator was also used in the recording. 

The DA-3000 records audio to SD Card or Compact Flash media. PCM audio up to 192kHz/24-bit can be recorded with the device, as well as Direct Stream Digital, the 1-bit format developed by Sony for Super Audio CD.Both 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz DSD files can be recorded, and no external A/D converters are required. The DA-3000 has a cascade mode which allows multiple units to be cascaded, and recording can be started with sample accuracy. 

Visit the TASCAM DA-3000 product page to learn more.

Blue Note Press release (Japanese)