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TASCAM DR-05 Gets Major Recording Update


Version 2 Adds Overdubbing, Marks, and Other New Recording Features

Montebello, CA (July 15, 2014): TASCAM has updated the DR-05 to Version 2. This free software update adds a list of flexible recording features to the best-selling portable recorder.

A new non-destructive overdubbing feature has been added, allowing musicians to put together the elements of a song piece-by-piece in a portable handheld format. A reverb effect has been added, adding ambience to recordings made in small spaces. A new auto recording function can begin recording automatically when level is detected. The auto mark function automatically adds a marker to tracks during recording, and the auto tone feature assists DSLR filmmakers when working on location.

The DR-05 is an affordable handheld recorder, with two built-in condenser microphones for great-sounding recordings. The design allows high volume levels to be recorded without distortion, up to 125dB SPL, for concert and sound effects recording. Other features include variable speed audition to slow down tracks without changing the pitch, level align and EQ to make tracks sound similar on playback, and loop/repeat function for learning new music or languages. 

Visit the DR-05 Downloads page for the free update.