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TASCAM Mail-In Rebate Opportunity



Rebate Promotion

MONTEBELLO, CA (Feb. 27th, 2014) – TASCAM is the Pro Audio Division of TEAC America. 

TASCAM is excited to announce a highly aggressive end-user rebate promotion on several key TASCAM products. TASCAM users will have the chance to earn back up to $50 on key TASCAM products. The rebate promotion will be available on products purchased between March 3rd and April 30th 2014 with a May 5th mail-in cut-off. See below for rebate details and a link to the mail-in rebate form. Rebate only available within the Unites States.

Products and Mail-In Rebate Amounts:

  • DR-05 - $20
  • DR-07mkII - $20
  • DR-40 - $25
  • DP-006 - $30
  • DP-008EX - $50
  • US-322 - $50
  • US-366 - $50

March-April 2014 Mail-In Rebate Form



TASCAM is the pro-audio and home recording division of TEAC Corporation. TASCAM will continue to be instrumental in revolutionizing professional and home recording by offering the highest quality products at the best value to their customers.