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New Version Adds Microphone and Level Management

Montebello, CA (August 8, 2013): TASCAM has upgraded the DR-60D to version 1.20. The new version adds a mute option for microphone inputs, useful when moving mics and booms on set. Another new feature is a volume adjustment for the auto tone and slate tone features. The slate tone has a dedicated button on the front panel, useful for marking takes and enabling exact synchronization between recorded and camera audio.

"TASCAM is dedicated to enhancing our products and addressing requests from professional customers," said Dan Montecalvo, Pro Audio Product Manager for TASCAM. "The DR-60D is completely unique and a big hit among filmmakers. These new enhancements make their jobs even easier.”

The DR-60D is a portable recorder designed for filmmakers to use with video and DSLR cameras, with a unique design that attaches to cameras and tripods. The version 1.20 update for the DR-60D is available as a free download from TASCAM.com.